Wear Your Peace of Mind

Custom Engraved Medical ID Bracelets

Crafted in Mexico, Customized in LA

“Well Aware stands for culture and community but most importantly, change. We are passionate about being compassionate! And we want you to feel a part of the difference we are trying to make.”

M A R I A     L O P E Z

Founder of Well Aware Inc.

The Intersection Where Style & Wellness Meet

WELL AWARE creates custom wellness bracelets for women who are not only mindful of living their healthiest life, but want to live their life in style. We offer a new kind of wellness bracelet, without any stigma. In case of an emergency, you can rest assured your medical information is clearly  communicated to first responders. 

We’re fond of saying we offer a healthy dose of style, and it’s true. Check out our latest styles and customize it for free today:


Food Allergies
Blood Type
Medicine Allergies

Emergency Contact

Health Condition

Wellness Bracelets For Mindful Women

Have you ever had to do something because it’s “good for you” but you really didn’t want to do it? Have you had a limiting belief, or even an actual health issue, that if people knew about it, you’d feel different, on display or “less than”? Believe it or not, this is how the idea for WELL AWARE was born.

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