Wellness Bracelets For Mindful Women

Our Story

Our Founder, Maria Lopez, grew up with a severe penicillin allergy and as a young girl trying to fit in, she found herself wearing a penicillin allergy medical ID bracelet that made her stand out. She felt different in a bad way, hating having to explain her bracelet to others, and stopped wearing the one thing that held the information that could potentially save her life. As an adult, Maria understands the need to be mindful of health and wellness in a preventative way, without sacrificing style. This is how Well Aware was born.

Maria’s goal is to empower others to feel confidently secure, so they know their health will be safely communicated in any situation, without any stigma attached. Not only are we working towards empowering women to feel confidently healthy in style, but we do so with the support of others also facing adversity. This mission to create a global community that supports each other in living their best lives led to our collaboration with Healing Waters International. With each purchase, Well Aware donates a portion of proceeds to helping relieve chronic water shortages in rural communities, so together we turn vulnerability into power and create a lasting impact.

We’ve created an intersection where fashion meets wellness and can’t wait to see how you customize your #intentionallystylish wellness bracelet! 

Why Taxco

Taxco, Guerrero, known for being the home of Mexico’s original silver mines and to the Well Aware family of artisans. A town where craftsmanship and culture are the influence of our one of a kind pieces. Each incorporating elements of copper the wellness catalyst, our products are then custom engraved at the highest quality in Los Angeles.

Our Mission

Well Aware is a lifestyle brand that creates wellness bracelets for mindful women that intend to live their best life. Our mission is to create an intersection where fashion meets awareness, so you can feel confident that in the case of a medical emergency, your health is being communicated to first responders, without sacrificing your safety or style.

We make fashion-forward jewelry that promotes wellness for mindful women who:

  • Make wellness a priority
  • Take self-care seriously
  • Define their own classic style
  • Want to be present and live their best life
  • Want to live an intentional life in style

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